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Embedded web server with the ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip

The big news in embedded wireless is the ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip that costs less than $4. Prior to this, the only economical way to do a 2.4 GHz link was with something like the nRF24L01 chip from Nordic Semiconductor. The ESP8266 has an embedded ...Read More

Android accessory development Kit

Now you can create your own Android-based hardware devices. NEBULIX¬† recently acquired a number of Arduino DUE microcontroller boards, which are built around the ARM AT91SAM Cortex MCU chip. With the DUE’s second host USB port, it is compatible with Google’s ADK which can ...Read More

Nordic Semi 2.4 Ghz. wireless link

NEBULIX has always been actively involved in wireless technologies. A new project that we’re working on is a wireless data link to connect a network of arduino MCU boards. The remote sensor boards are polled by a central controller that collects bursts of data ...Read More

NEBULIX ATMega328 MCU board

The NEBULIX Arduino, based on the Severino single-sided reference design. “This is my original prototype single-sided Arduino board. We’ve used these for various general-purpose controller projects.” says NEBULIX creative director, Duncan McAllister. The single-sided design is inexpensive and easy to produce and with an ...Read More

NEBULIX super-tiny MCU boards

NEBULIX has produced an RBBB or Real Bare Bones Board — a complete, basic arduino on a small form factor PC board. These controllers are super convenient for embedded projects with space constraints, that don’t require shields or the full component count of the ...Read More