Knight KB-85 amplifier refurb

The Knight KB-85 amplifier was perhaps one of the best sounding kit amps ever made.

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Duncan McAllister spent a year to completely restore this vintage tube amplifier to its former glory. The unit is based on the Williamson ultra-linear design and has been modified with the addition of custom preamp and capacitor printed circuit boards.

All components and wiring have been replaced and meticulously hand-soldered with brand new precision parts.

The original amplifier has been upgraded with new tube sockets, oversized and bypassed power supply capacitors, a new set of  Russian 6P3S-E output tubes and Paper-in-Oil coupling capacitors.

KB85.06Considered by many audiophiles to be the “poor man’s Macintosh”, this classic amplifier is an excellent example of 1950s tube engineering. It has an extremely detailed sound stage without a lot of colouration.

Sale Price: $1,800 CAD




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