Eico HF-35 monoblock amp refurb

HF35.01NEBULIX creative director, Duncan McAllister spent a year to completely restore these vintage tube amplifiers to their former glory. They are based on the Williamson ultra-linear design and have been modified with the addition of a fixed-bias circuit.

All components and wiring have been replaced and meticulously hand-soldered with brand new precision parts.

HF35.03The original amplifiers have been upgraded with new tube sockets, oversized and bypassed power supply capacitors, a new set of  Russian 6P3S-E output tubes and PIO bypass capacitors.

Considered one of the finest examples of the Eico tube amp lineup of the early 1960s, these modified HF-35s are extremely detailed without a lot of colouration.

Sale Price:  $1,600 CAD per pair


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  1. May 23, 2015

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