Nordic Semi 2.4 Ghz. wireless link

NEBULIX has always been actively involved in wireless technologies. A new project that we’re working on is a wireless data link to connect a network of arduino MCU boards. The remote sensor boards are polled by a central controller that collects bursts of data and feeds them into a MySQL database residing on a PC.

Nordic Semiconductor produces a line of very inexpensive yet powerful RF products in the 2.4 GHz frequency range. A single 20-pin QFN package integrates a complete 2.4 GHz RF transceiver, RF synthesizer, and baseband logic including a high-speed SPI interface for the application controller.

“These two tiny modules are packed with software,” says NEBULIX creative director, Duncan McAllister. ” The nRF24L01 chips form the basis for a telemetry link that I’ve set up between these two controllers that operate in the ISM radio band.”

The chips are well-suited to remote sensor applications enabling months to years of battery lifetime when running on coin cells or AA batteries. Shown are two prototype boards; a remote sensor and the central controller.

Arduino.05         Arduino.06

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