NEBULIX super-tiny MCU boards

NEBULIX has produced an RBBB or Real Bare Bones Board — a complete, basic arduino on a small form factor PC board. These controllers are super convenient for embedded projects with space constraints, that don’t require shields or the full component count of the regular-sized boards.

“I had a bunch of Atmel ATMega-168 chips left over from a project so I did a run of RBBBs or Real Bare Bones Boards.” says NEBULIX creative director, Duncan McAllister. ” These tiny microcontrollers are great for embedded applications.  I built a frequency counter with one.”

They’re just big enough to hold the chip, a crystal oscillator, a power regulator and reset switch.  They breakout on the bottom in order to fit into a prototype board. These are also known as Boarduino for that reason. Great for prototyping when you don’t need a whole lot of onboard logic.


Top prototyping breadboard shows NEBULIX boarduino in the middle.


Edge of board showing reset button and FTDI header to connect to USB uploading cable.

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