Project Profile 5: Project Management for Ontario Government

A Ministry within the Ontario Provincial Government with reponsibility for integrating justice I.T. systems and operating services and facilities across the province.

A province-wide call centre application supported by a voice telecommunications network, a mainframe application, call processing servers, statistical and call logging database applications. Facilities and personnel were located in various areas of the province, interfacing through the Ontario government data network.

Duncan McAllister was contracted as a Y2K team leader to analyze and retrofit the various application modules and bring them up to Y2K compliance.

As a member of the Year 2000 Business Critical Team, and reporting to the Y2K project manager’s office, we utililized a Rapid Compliance Methodology to test and document the various program modules.

With a small team of consultants, we staged a test lab, created test procedures and scripts, upgraded program code, upgraded operating systems and replaced computer hardware.

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