Corporate Consulting and Strategy

When entering into any new IT endeavour, your company can benefit from having a solid, experienced technology adviser in your corner.

Today, the complexity of IT infrastructure has grown exponentially. Should you put everything into the cloud? Do your own in-house development or outsource? How about BYOD policy and your company-wide mobile strategy?

Options abound and the right decisions are crucial. A seasoned technology consultant can help you plan an IT strategy, evaluate risks, identify costs and benefits, as well as mapping out a realistic roll-out blueprint. Bringing in a consultant early in the game will pay dividends down the road.

We have assisted clients with comprehensive analysis and reporting of strategic direction, corporate IT standards, policy, product evaluation and operations.

For corporate managers, we have provided evaluations on feasibility, competitive technology comparisons, security analysis and fact-finding research. We’ve assisted companies with their vendor management process and competitive RFPs in the project tendering process.

Talk to Duncan McAllister at Telechrome about how you can put our years of experience to work on your IT project.

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