PROFILE: Security Analysis for a National Wireless Provider

One of the big five Canadian national wireless providers offering voice, data and web services in the major Canadian urban centres. The company holds a sizeable chunk of spectrum and operates a national network over which it leases services to local service providers.

In addition to the wireless telephone network, the company operates a conventional land-based computer network to support the routing of calls and the operations and features of the telephone system, as well as in-house computer operations such as email, distributed applications, file sharing and internet access.

Predominately a UNIX environment, servers located at the various central office facilities provide functions for billing, provisioning, network management, voice mail, short message service and digital data access.

The company contracted Duncan McAllister as a network security analyst, reporting to the director of network engineering. We conducted an inventory of managed elements within the network, and evaluated them in terms of impact. Liaising with the various deparments and managers, conducted a security analysis of operational procedures and access methods.

Was instrumental in initiating the Network Security Steering Committe and hosted the initial meetings, addressing management’s security issues and concerns. Provided analysis and recommendations to the commitee and developed a methodology to proceed with ongoing security policies and procedures.