New IoT Board for Wireless Remote Automation

The WRAC-9600 is a new board under development that provides flexible IoT functionality. It’s a universal automation and remote controller for use in commercial and home automation, robotics and embedded applications.

The heart of the system is an ESP32 module by Espressif featuring an integrated dual-core Xtensa 32-bit LX6 microprocessor with performance up to 600 DMIPS. That’s a lot of compute power by microcontroller standards.

It comes in two flavours: 9600AC is powered by 120V line voltage for embedded applications, and the 9600DC is a portable LiPo-powered solution with a USB charging port for mobile use.

The WRAC can be controlled wirelessly through a Wi-Fi internet connection or local Bluetooth operation. Customizable Android apps provide a User Interface for controlling remote devices across the room, or across the globe.

The board features an L293DD monolithic 4-channel DC motor controller, two optically-isolated solid state relays, and two low-voltage transistor switches for audio or LED use. The WRAC can automate a variety of devices through software and wireless remote control, such as DC and stepping motors, relays, solenoids and switching power transistors.

For more information on this and other custom engineering solutions, please contact Duncan McAllister at Telechrome.